Voluntary Saving Plan Participation & Rates

Voluntary Participation
All members are eligible to participate in the voluntary Plumbers’ Savings’ Plan. This plan is no longer mandatory.

A member may elect to participate in the Savings Plan at the minimum rate determined by the members trade level (see “Rates” Below). Contractors may limit member participation or limit participation rates if payroll problems arise.

Customer Identification Program (CIP) Form
By law, all members must complete a Customer Identification Program Form in order to participate in the Savings Plan. If you are a member and want to enroll in the Savings Plan, please download, print and complete the form below:
To download, right click on the link above and select ‘Save Link As’ from the popup menu. Please note where you save the file on your computer. Once completed, please mail or Fax to the Local 130 Data Processing Office.

Click here for Fax and Address > Data Processing Office

Participation rates are determined by member classification:

Member - Hourly Rate
0-5th Year Apprentices - $1.00
Journeyman Plumbers - $1.50
Metal Trades Journeymen - $1.50

Note: Members can increase their savings in $.50 increments with no maximum deduction.

Note: City of Chicago employees are bound by their agreement with the city. Their rate is $.50 per hour and they can not increase their deduction.