Women's Health Care and Cancer Rights Act Notice - dated 8-11-2017

Summary Plan Descriptions for Plumbers Welfare Fund Local 130 U.A.

Summary of Benefits and Coverage for Plumbers Welfare Fund Local U.A.

Summary Material Modification Letters 

Summary Annual Report For Plumbers' Welfare Fund, Local 130, U.A.

Life Changing Events

Any of the following events requires Participants and/or dependents to send the proper associated documentation to the Welfare Fund office (Links Below):


  1. Copy of Marriage certificate
  2. New Beneficiary and Dependent record
  3. Plumbers Local 130 COB Inquiry Form 2017
Divorce or Legal Separation
  1. Copy of Divorce decree or Court Order
  2. New Beneficiary and Dependent record
  1. Copy of Child’s birth Certificate
  2. Copy of Social Security Card
  3. New Beneficiary and Dependent record
  4. Dependent Child Certificate
Termination of Spouse’s primary insurance
  1. Letter of Termination from Primary insurance
New employment of spouse
  1. Plumbers Local 130 COB Inquiry Form 2017
Change of address
  1. Change of Address Form

All Forms

All Welfare Fund forms need to be faxed to : (312) 226-7285

Optum HRA Card:

Your new Optum Card will be activated on January 1, 2022.  Once you receive your new payment card you can set-up your Optum financial account online at In addition, you may want to download the Optum Financial application to your phone for easy access to your HRA account.

If you haven’t already received your new Optum payment card, please continue to check your mail as it should be arriving in the near future.

Beginning January 1, 2022 you will submit all HRA claims to Optum Financial. This includes claims that were incurred prior to January 1, 2022 but WERE NOT submitted to TASC.

If you have any questions about your HRA account with TASC, please contact the Welfare Fund Office at 312-226-4200.

After January 1, 2022 call Optum Financial directly at 877-292-4040 for questions about your HRA account.