Plumbers' Pension Fund, Local 130, UA

Most Comprehensive and Beneficial Pension Plan
Local Union 130 offers one of the most comprehensive and beneficial pension plans in the construction industry. Established in 1953, the Plan is continually updated and improved to provide Participants and their family members with solid financial security during their retirement years. This exemplary plan is governed by a twelve-member Board of Trustees consisting of six members selected by Local 130, and six, by the Contractors’ Associations.

Working with a pension plan and a retirement savings plan that keeps up with today’s changing economy is exactly what you get when you join Plumbers’ Local Union 130. It’s just another example of the security you receive when you become a member of the Local 130 family.

Section Overview
This section is designed to give you an overview of the Plan and to help you understand the pension application process. A Summary Plan Description and Plan Document which will give you the complete details and provisions of the Plan are at the Fund Office for your review. Also, a Pension Credit Report detailing what you have accrued to date can be obtained by calling the Pension Fund Office.

For more info Contact the The Plumbers' Pension Fund Office.

Important Note: This is an outline of the principal plan provisions of the Plumbers’ Pension Fund Local 130 U.A. and it is not intended to completely describe the Plan provisions. In the event of any discrepancy between this outline and the Plan, the Plan Document shall govern. For further information, please review your Summary Plan Description or contact the contact the Plumbers Pension Fund Office.