Vets of 130

Welcome Vets of 130

We protected the FREEDOM of the Nation, now we protect the HEALTH of the Nation! 

The Veterans of 130 group is a newly created social group meant to be a place for like-minded members of Plumbers' Local 130 that may have had similar experiences get together to support each other, support our similar interests and help to promote each other within our trade. 

Please take a minute or two to fill out the following survey so that we can gather some information.  We are compiling some information on our community so please reach out to other Plumbers Local 130 members that are also Veterans, Reservists, Guardsmen, etc.


Vets of 130 Survey (click here)

If you have any questions and would like to reach out, feel free to contact Jim Mansfield (USMC) or James "Billy" Brooks (USMC) by calling the Union offices at (312)421-1010.