Plumbers' Retirement Savings Fund Contact Information

Mailing Address:

Plumbers' Retirement Saving Fund, Local 130, U.A.
1340 West Washington Boulevard, 3rd Floor
Chicago, IL. 60607

Phone & Fax:

Phone: (312) 829-1262
Fax: (312) 421-1749

Local 130 Trustees
James F. Coyne, Co-Chair 
Patrick F. McCarthy, Trustee
Patrick Brooks Trustee
Scott C. Spangle, Trustee 
Charles A. Seibert, Trustee
John Hosty, Trustee
Ryan Brown - Alternate Trustee

Contractor Trustees
Michael J. Kerrigan, Co-Chair
Brian Kennedy, Trustee
Ryan O'Sullivan, Trustee
Patrick Sullivan, Trustee
Troy DeFranco, Trustee
Michael Falk, Trustee
S.J. Peters, Alternate Trustee

Legal Consultants
Gregorio, Stec, Klein & Hose (312) 263-2343
Laner Muchin (312) 467-9800

Joseph F. Ohm, Fund Administrator
Christopher Anish, Field Representative

Pension Processors
Denise L. Delhaye
Vickie A. Kostanski

Empower handles all of our recordkeeping as well as the investments.