Technical Engineering Division Pension Fund - Application Guide

First Check
You will receive your first check after your application is approved by the Trustees. It will include any retroactive amounts due to you. Your pension check will be paid on the first day of each month and can be direct deposited to your account from the Tech Pension Fund Office.

Direct Deposit
We encourage Electronic Direct Deposit. You may request a form anytime after you have received your first payment.

Working after Retirement
The Pension Plan requires that pension benefits payable to a Participant be suspended if the Participant becomes employed or self-employed in the technical engineering trade after the Participant starts receiving benefits.

For more information concerning suspension of benefits, please refer to the Suspension of Benefits Notice available from the Fund Office.

Spousal Benefits
If you are married at the time you go into Pension pay status, there are certain monthly benefits for your eligible Surviving Spouse after your death. See your Summary Plan description for details.

Medical Benefits
The Technical Engineering Division Welfare Fund has merged with the Plumbers’ Welfare Fund. Please review the Plumbers’ Welfare Fund web page for more information.

Union Dues & Burial Expense
Contact the Local Union 130, U.A. office at (312) 421-1010.

Direct all address, telephone and election form changes to the Tech Pension Fund Office.

Pension Amount
A Pension Credit Report detailing what you have accrued can be obtained by calling the Tech Pension Fund Office. Please review your Pension Credit Report and contact the Tech Pension Fund Office if you believe that there are any errors in the report.

Plan Year
The Plan year begins on May 1 and ends on April 30.

Source of Contributions
Contributions to the Plan have been made by Employers in accordance with their Collective Bargaining Agreement with Local Union 130, U.A.

Retirement Benefits Begin
If vested, you will be eligible to receive a monthly benefit the month after you last worked provided proper application is promptly made.

Full Retirement
You may take an unreduced pension at age 60.

Early Retirement
You may take a reduced pension after attaining age 58 with a reduction for each month of early retirement. (Maximum 24 months early retirement.)

Processing of an Application
Your application cannot be processed until after all forms are received and you have completed your last day of work.