Eligible Retirees

Plumbers’ Welfare Fund, Local 130, U.A.

New for January 2019!  Benefit Improvements for  Hearing, Vision and Dental.  See the attached SMM for details.

SMM Retiree Plan Changes eff 1-1-2019 - dated 4-16-2018 (002)

SMM - Retiree Plan Changes eff 1-1-2019 - dated 4-16-2018

EPIC Hearing Welcome Letter - dated 12-1-2018.11.30.18

EPIC HSP ID Card Plumbers Local 130.3

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Plumbers' Local 130 Retiree Welfare Fund Plan Doc and SPD.pdf

Plumbers' Local 130 Retiree Welfare Fund Plan Doc and SPD.docx

Retiree Self-Pay
Under retiree self-pay, coverage through the Welfare Fund can be continued for an eligible Participant and the Participant’s spouse from the Participant’s retirement from Covered Employment with a Contributing Contractor until Medicare eligibility. Participants are eligible for coverage until the earlier of ten years or Medicare eligibility and spouses are eligible until the earlier of twenty years or Medicare eligibility. There is a monthly charge for this benefit which is set by the Trustees on an annual basis. Detailed information regarding eligibility and the available benefits can be obtained from the Fund Office and can also be found in the Summary Plan Description.

Medicare Supplement
The Welfare Fund provides a Medicare supplement to eligible Former Participants (retirees). This supplement pays the Medicare-approved charges not paid by Medicare including the following:

  • Part A Deductible
  • Part B Deductible
  • The remaining 20% of Medicare-approved physician charges
  • Extended In-Hospital Stay (61-90 days)
  • Skilled Nursing Facility (21-100 days)

Election and Deduction Form for Retiree Insurance 1-01-2018

Silver Sneakers

Click here to see how the Silver Sneakers Program can benefit you as a Retiree of the Plumbers Welfare Plan.

Silver Sneakers Flyer 2017