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    For the members of Chicago Journeymen Plumbers and Technical Engineers Local Union 130 UA, that’s all in a day’s work!

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    Providing horizontal and vertical control points to General Contractors and trades on construction sites throughout Chicagoland since 1962.
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    Local 130 has been changing the Skyline of Chicago since 1895.
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    Local 130 will continue to shape the Skyline of Chicago into the future.
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How would you like to have a successful career with great pay, fantastic benefits and get paid to train? This is all possible as a Local 130 Plumber. Our Local 130 Apprenticeship program is now open and accepting applications

The video below explains the benefits and some of the myths surrounding plumbing and the plumbing industry. Come join us!

Become a Local 130 Plumber!

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Associated Press confirms passage of Workers’ Rights Amendment
The amendment currently has over 53% support among everyone who voted in the election, a wide margin for approval.

Chicago, IL - Today, the Associated Press officially projected the Workers’ Rights Amendment was passed by voters in this year's midterm election.

Current projections show the amendment earning support 53% of all voters casting a ballot in the election, exceeding the simple majority of all voters threshold needed to pass.

The amendment received support from an overwhelming number of Illinoisans, with 58% of Illinoisans casting a ballot on the question voting yes.

This historic amendment will protect the freedom for Illinois workers to organize and bargain collectively for better wages, stronger safety protections at work, and more.

On Election Night, the Vote Yes for Workers' Rights campaign declared victory and issued the following statements:

Statement from Tim Drea, President of the Illinois AFL-CIO and Vote Yes for Workers’ Rights Chair
“From day one, the Vote Yes for Workers’ Rights campaign has been based on the simple idea that every Illinois worker deserves better. Better pay, stronger benefits, and safer workplaces don’t just help workers thrive; they strengthen our state and keep us all safe.

Tonight, the voters of Illinois sent a clear message by passing the Workers’ Rights Amendment: Illinois is and always will be a workers’ rights state.

This victory is a historic moment for our workers and our entire state. We know that the best way to kick-start our economy and help families deal with rising costs is to put more money in their pockets. The Workers’ Rights Amendment will protect every Illinoisan’s right to join with their coworkers to negotiate for pay raises for generations to come.

This victory wouldn’t have been possible without the incredible effort of hard-working Illinoisans from across our state who have been in their communities knocking on doors, making phone calls, and talking to their neighbors and families about why the Workers’ Rights Amendment is so essential for every worker and family in Illinois.

We built this campaign by Illinois workers for Illinois workers, and the Workers’ Rights Amendment will help us build a better future for our state. With the passage of the Workers’ Rights Amendment, Illinois is taking the charge as a national leader at a time of rising inflation and devastating federal rate hikes.

On behalf of the Illinois AFL-CIO and the 900,000 workers we represent alongside our affiliate unions, we would like to congratulate Illinois workers for this historic victory.”

Statement from Bob Reiter, President of the Chicago Federation of Labor and Vote Yes for Workers’ Rights Treasurer
“It is inspiring to see Illinois workers rise up to fight for each other and pass the Workers’ Rights Amendment. Tonight, the working class voted to put themselves first and protect their rights on the job.

The Chicago Federation of Labor, our affiliate unions, and their incredible, hardworking members came together to ensure every Illinois worker gets a fair shake and to protect their rights from the special interest groups and anti-worker politicians that have been attacking workers for years. On behalf of our affiliate unions, the Chicago labor movement is honored to have played a critical role in ensuring every Illinois worker is safe on the job and off.

While we’re excited to celebrate this incredible victory tonight, we know our work is far from over. There always seems to be a new attack against workers, and we are going to do whatever it takes to protect our workers and your communities from the special interest groups and billionaires trying to divide Illinoisans.

Tonight, Chicago and Illinois demonstrated why we are national leaders in fighting for workers’ rights, and we look forward to partnering with allies across the country to bring the protections of the Workers’ Rights Amendment to workers across the country.”


United Association General President, Mark McManus

Mark McManus visited Local 130 Wednesday, November 9th. He spent time at our Joliet Training Facility (JTC) and met with the Plumbing Contractors Association (PCA) later that day. We sincerely thank Mark for his time.

At the JTC, Mark spoke about our mission to supply an army of skilled, qualified, manpower to signatory union contractors.

Click to watch Mark McManus Speak at the JTC

Mark also met with the PCA and discussed how energizing it was meeting the young men and women in the Local 130 Apprentice Program. He then went on to complimented Local 130 about the quality of our training facilities.

Click to Watch Mark McManus Speak at the PCA Meeting

Happy Veteran's Day from

Business Manager, James F Coyne

I would like to wish everyone a Happy Veterans Day, please take time to thank all active and retired servicemen and women in your families, communities and workplaces and observe a moment of silence to remember the brave men and women who never returned home.

On behalf of all Local 130 officers, myself and our staff, we thank all you brave men and women who sacrificed so much, so that we could have a better life and a country to call home.

In honor of Local 130 members who are veterans, I would like to announce the formation of a new veteran’s committee the 'Vets of 130'.


Please click here for the Vets of 130 Webpage


To all the veterans out there…we salute you!  Thank you for your service and sacrifice! 


Welcome to Plumbers Local 130 UA

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to have more than 6,100 friends and co-workers ready to stand behind you and protect your rights as a skilled craftsman?

Can you imagine going to work everyday knowing you have guaranteed health care coverage, a generous savings plan, established working hours and overtime rates?

For the members of Chicago Journeymen Plumbers' and Technical Engineers Local Union 130 UA, that’s all in a day’s work! The many benefits that come with being a union member are felt each day whether it's the assurance of safe OSHA working conditions or the outstanding relationship between the union and contractors.

Chicago Journeymen Plumbers’ Local Union 130 with over 6,100 members is one of the largest straight-line plumbing locals in the United Association (UA) which represents 350,000+ building tradesmen across the United States and Canada. The quality of our people, our great size and our loyalty to each other makes Local 130 UA a strong and respected voice in the construction piping industry and community.


Sponsored by Plumbers Local 130 UA Carrying the torch of a 6 decade tradition, the members of Plumbers Local 130 in Chicago dye the river green in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.

Local 130 is proud to be the Title Sponsor of this great tradition which includes the selection of the St. Patricks Day Parade Queen by the members of Local 130.

Click Here for the Parade Raffle

Visit the parade website: https://chicagostpatricksdayparade.org